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Tiki Moon #197


"Welcome to Molten Java," she said in a monotone voice with all the enthusiasm of a chronically depressed lemming.

"Thank you," I said, "I want a cup of coffee, black."

She wrote it on her little pad and then looked at Scarlett.

"Cream and sugar," Scarlett said.

"Independently or in a cup of coffee?" the waitress asked in the same monotone voice but with just a touch of sarcasm.

"In a cup of coffee!" Scarlett said disgustedly. These women didn't seem to like each other.

"Anything else?" the waitress asked in a tone that didn't even sound like a question...

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    Neville Hunt about 1 year ago

    What a rude lemming!

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    Jamie Clapperton about 1 year ago

    '...All the enthusiasm of a chronically depressed lemming. ' Love that :-o)))

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    Drew Martyn about 1 year ago

    I love that lemming, rude or not!

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    Christopher about 1 year ago

    Thanks, guys. I always try to add those little quirky characters that populate Jake's world, even the ones he just comes across once.

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