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I couldn't get into the house fast enough. I started writing down the info first while it was all fresh in my mind, then work it in to the story.

I'd have to come up with an ending to the movie, though, as just going to a cave and finding a bunch of bones would be rather anticlimactic. But I still had revisions to do and had some time so I wasn't in a great hurry. I needed to get my assistant to send me my HD camera, as I wanted to get some footage out here for possible locations.

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    Christopher 9 months ago

    I can't believe it's hit a hundred drabbles already. It's nearing the end but there's still a bit to go.

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    Neville Hunt 9 months ago

    Congratulations Christopher. It’s riveting stuff, combing Teddy, terror and taboo! Thanks for a great read and here’s looking towards the finale!

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    Drew Martyn 9 months ago

    Yes, congratulations mate, this is phenomenal stuff. Like Neville said, it's riveting :)

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    Christopher 9 months ago

    Thank you both for the support.

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