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He sat in his laboratory, feverishly working on his latest invention. He'd been grueling away at it for some time, but he knew now he was on the verge of success.

A little trim here, a little tuck there, he thought.

Mad, am I? That's what they all said. We'll soon see how mad I am when my invention comes to life. Hahahaha!

He wiped the sweat from his brow and put the finishing touches on his creation. He now had it trimmed down to exactly one hundred words.

Mad? We'll see!

He hit the button to post his creation...

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    Neville Hunt over 2 years ago

    And hey presto, it worked.... as it always does so well Dr Christopherstein.

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    Jamie Clapperton over 2 years ago

    Great fun Edgar- I mean Christopher! :-)

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    Christopher over 2 years ago

    Thanks, guys.

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    Jeff Taylor over 2 years ago

    Can I interest you in a hors-d'oeuvre doctor? Oh, er, sorry. Wrong movie 😉 Goddamn it Igor!! Leave that switch alone!

    Great Drabble Christopher 😊

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    Peter Henderson over 2 years ago

    It's Alive...IT'S ALIVE Original thinking Christopher, many thanks

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    Christopher over 2 years ago

    Thanks, Jeff and Peter.

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