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Can I do it? Perhaps....

For the Christmas season I wanted to see if I was up to writing one of these that didn't contain the character that's one after "K."

I didn't fathom how taxing it was before I attempted this. 100 words and none containing THAT character.

It's rather restricting, though not as cumbersome as if I were barred from using an "S" or a "T."

At the very minimum, there's one key phrase that didn't contain that character:

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

(With thanks to great movie director Hitchcock for the idea.)

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    Christopher 25 days ago

    Hitchcock would send his Christmas cards that had every letter on the front of the card except the letter "L." That was his way of saying Noel.

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    Neville Hunt 24 days ago

    Great concept, great drabble, have a great Christmas, without a Hitch.

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    Christopher 24 days ago

    Thanks, Neville. You too.

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    Drew Martyn 22 days ago

    That's excellent Christopher, I love writing like this. The French writer Georges Perec wrote a novel "A Void" without using the letter "e", and then a David Bellos translated it into English, again without the letter "e". Well worth a read, but not as succinct as yours mate :)

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    Christopher 22 days ago

    Wow. That must've been extremely difficult. When I finished this drabble I proofread it four times and then realized I had a word that had an L in it and had to alter it.

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    Steve McBrevity 18 days ago

    That must have been an L of a challenge. Well done! No L’s in New Year either.

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    Christopher 18 days ago

    Thanks, Steve.

    No L in that either.

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