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Dr. Rick Welles, his wife Karen, and his best friend Dr. Keith Moore were all stationed on the Magnitude, in orbit around Mars. They were studying whether or not life had ever existed on the red planet.

Dr. Welles began to suspect that his wife and his best friend were having an affair. Over the next few months, he plotted a way to kill them and make it look like they died accidentally.

He was standing over their mutilated bodies wondering how they were savaged so badly when he turned around and realized that there was still life on Mars...

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    Christopher almost 6 years ago

    I probably should've broken this up into two parts. I ran out of words and had to trim some of it out. Maybe the point still comes across.

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    Neville Hunt almost 6 years ago

    Nice idea, Christopher. I'm still working it out.

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    Jeff Taylor almost 6 years ago

    Perfect movie moment, when the villain suddenly realises he's not the monster 😉

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    Christopher almost 6 years ago

    Thanks, Jeff. 😃

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