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Murder Is But A Memory


Lanyard grinned, "Am I to assume you hired him to locate the so-called missing money?"

I looked dead at Lanyard, "I wouldn't work for trash like Vic Stane."

Lanyard's eyes widened at my brazenness. I didn't care. I may have been going to that great detective agency in the sky soon, but I was going to have my say.

"I've got my standards, Mr. Lanyard. I live by a code, which is something I doubt Vic," I paused to look right at Lanyard, "or you could ever understand."

Lanyard didn't look the slightest bit offended, which was kinda scary...

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    Neville Hunt almost 5 years ago

    I rather like Mr Lanyard; he seems polite, far too much so to be associated with inarticulate Mr Stane.

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    Christopher almost 5 years ago

    Thanks, Neville. Right from the start I wanted Lanyard to be eloquent and gentlemanly, which is such a sharp juxtaposition to being a hired killer. I think it was the doctor that had mentioned that Lanyard and Stane knew each other back in the Chicago days. That's why Stane called him.

    I appreciate you sticking with this.

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