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Murder Is But A Memory


What could I have said that triggered that memory? Vegas? Vic Stane? Gambling? I already knew there was some sort of connection to Las Vegas because of the bowling ball bag that housed the 250 grand she stashed in the bus depot locker. Did she win that money in Vegas? Did she steal it? Did Vic Stane have anything to do with this?

I picked her up off the pier. She looked up at me with teary eyes.

"Take me home, Jake," she said like a lost little girl.

We slowly walked down the pier in the cool night air...

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    Drew Martyn over 5 years ago

    Loving the series, intriguing!

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    D.M. over 5 years ago

    Jake's got his hands full with this case! 'Enjoyed the questions going through
    his mind, good way to steer the reader.

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