"The Charlotte Moments" drabbles by Drew Martyn

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Charlotte: A Gothic Romance - Spiracyclic Journey

The Charlotte Moments #6

The building razed, our unwanted release a travesty, we dissipate into the sunset of souls.

A mysterious rebirth, bawling into the physical, while our gardened souls remember our brief passion: perfumes and smiles.
As I grow anew, my soul reaches out and, unknown to me, with every action seeks her soul once more.


She has a new name now. But she remains Charlotte, she remains a beautiful moment captured in love.

This life, perhaps, we will be given time. This life we will become whole, together, for we have known Love’s bottomless pool and our drowning gave us life.

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Charlotte: A Gothic Romance - Tomorrow

The Charlotte Moments #5

Windowshattering entry..
Charlotte knew they were coming. Her eyes divulge her terror, so we move to the Outside.
Outside, all we have is love.
Outside, the air leaches through you, twists you down, crawls into your throat and ratchets until you are hallucinated razored-tissue, scar-strewn and pain-etched. Charlotte cries, her tears drowning my heart, and my arms reach out for her, further and further, further away...
If they stay too long we are lost; but they leave.
Inside, corridors accuse us with their recent desecration. Silence hides. New dust settles.
All we have ever had is love.

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Charlotte: A Gothic Romance - Tonight

The Charlotte Moments #4

This building is nocturnal.

By day, its stillness misleads. By night it cracks and groans, its bones grind slow in the desolate stirring of decay awakening. Blind, introspective windows let fall spider carcass and fly blow. Dust shifts reluctantly. Stale air moves solemn and morbid among rooms that wear silences like shrouds. And under the failing roof, arterial corridors, long since drained of life and blood, link the dead to the dead to the dead.

But it is more alive than we, we who stand and watch, hand in hand.

But we are together. And tonight, that counts for everything.

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Charlotte: A Gothic Romance - The Prequel

The Charlotte Moments #3

Circumstance, and the vile machinations of a twisted, cantankerous Fate made it so that we could rarely be together.
We stole time together, of course. Days here, hours there, but never enough. For Love is like a bottomless pool: however much of ourselves we pour in, it never fills. And yet you drown in the first inch.

She suggested it: to hold each other within Eternities’ serene embrace. Forever.

As one, hand in hand, we climbed the stairs to the roof’s high peak.
Fate looked away then, disinterested, and we flew arm in arm, joyous and together, through wondrous skies.

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Charlotte: A Gothic Romance

The Charlotte Moments #2

This is an ideal building for a haunting.

From its gothic spires, nailing the crumbling edifice to the ground, past windows choked with the grime and phlegm of three hundred winters, to the imposing main doors, black-rusted and immovable, the whole building has a corpse-like air.

Should you stay too long inside, the air will clog your throat and fill your lungs as a crypt fills with dust. The light here has the quality of glaucoma so if you see movement you will not believe it.

Unbelieved, unobserved, we belie the silence as she walks close beside me..

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Love Lost

The Charlotte Moments #1

She looked into the mirror expecting to see the face of Evil.

She looked closer. Her own face disappeared and she saw him, saw his eyes, his smile, his beautiful tender love. And there, in the background, she saw his wife and kids. Unaware.

She couldn't, wouldn't, tear a family apart, no matter how much she wanted to: and dear God she wanted to. And if he left them of his own accord, he wouldn't be the man she loved. Catch 22: lose.

She saw betrayed, confused eyes staring back at her from the mirror. She hated herself and cried.