"Tales of Serenity" drabbles by Isaac Grant

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Tales of Serenity #11

The fluid creature moved through the peaceful water, melding with it, changing with it, flowing with it, becoming it. It had the ability to change form, but it chose to be graceful about it. blending slowly, trying not to catch the little fisherman's eye. The little human didn't have a chance. The Hydrophius' size was at least twenty times bigger than the little row-boat. One strong bite would take it down. Providing a nice little snack between meals. It was now under the boat...
SNAP the large water dragon bit the boat in half, eating the contents immediately.

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Tear Collector

Tales of Serenity #10

The old man, invisibly sat with his little bucket, phased through the floor, watching the tears to fall. The man he was watching had been through a lot. He had lost his children in a car accident, His wife had left him, his parents blamed him for taking their grandchildren. He was sobbing, the tears falling into the little bucket, filling it to the brim. The tears started glowing, sending little lights to the poor man, creating glowing streams of relief, and sending them to the mans heart, making him calm, and telling him it was going to be ok.

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Polar Bear

Tales of Serenity #9

The lone white polar bear sat on it's hind legs, thinking about the collapse. All his friends had made it, he was sure, but they were all stranded on their own little pieces of white, snowy ice. The snow had been wet that day, the day of the collapse. All the glaciers falling in pieces into the ocean, leaving hundreds of bears to jump for small ice bergs before it was too late. The poor bear had watched as he missed the fast current the other bears took as they sailed away over the far, far horizon, leaving him alone.

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Tales of Serenity #8

Cassie and her father rowed out onto the clear lake and waited for the night to fall. There were large cliffs on the far side of the small lake that was in their back yard. They sat and waited for twenty minutes as the sky started to get dark. The stars started to paint themselves over the surface of the smooth water. When it was completely dark, the crown masterpiece came out. The moon spread itself over the surface of the lake as a beautiful reflection. Cassie reached out and touched the center of the moon, sending ripple throughout it.

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Tales of Serenity #7

The sacred place was a beautiful mountain. All the wolves who could always came to the area. This area was renowned for its lack of clouds and light pollution, so any being or animal with eyes could easily see stars all around. The biggest attraction to the wolves, however, was the moon, it looked huge on the high top of the mountain. The only downside was the snow. It was absolutely freezing. While they shivered, the wolves waited for the moon to rise, and when it did, the howling that they started caused avalanches. The howling took away the cold.

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Tales of Serenity #6

The "Dream Creator", or "Dream Carrier" as he was often called, was getting old. He feared that no human could take on the mantle of the Dream Creator, so he decided to build a machine. The machine would do the job for him, creating and sending dreams to people when he could no longer do so. He got to work, and soon the machine came into existence. He hid it on a lonely cloud, far, far at the end of the world. The machine both created and fulfilled a dream; to be able to live in peace until the end.

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The Possibility of Imagination

Tales of Serenity #5

Sophie (not dreaming this time) sat on a grassy,green hill under a tree while reading her book. Suddenly, the characters started dancing and running around her, doing the things that where happening in the book. But as soon as she looked up, the maidens in purple dresses, and knights in shiny, silver armor, dissipated. Sophie started reading again, and out came the people, as purple and as shiny as ever. Sophie yawned, and went to sleep after about another half-hour's worth of reading, but the characters danced and ran on. Not in the real world, but in her dreams.

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Beautiful Day

Tales of Serenity #4

Kayla breathed in the wonderful smells of the flowers that wafted through the open field. She Listened to the sniffling of the rabbits near her and smiled. she felt the cool, soft grass on her skin. She was happy at the moment, but she knew that it would all end soon. She was sure that the sky was blue that day How could it be any other color on a day like this? Warm, with a cool breeze like never before, the day was just right for being outside. I feel bad for her because she'd been blind since birth.

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Tales of serenity #3

The tree began as a Seed that travelled the world. It had seen the mountains. It had seen the houses and factories. It had seen the serenity and peace. But there was also war. War of pollution on nature. The Seed decide on a warm hill. It reached its roots down, down, down. The Seed grew into a small sprout. Over the years the Tree grew and grew, until it was a large oak tree. The Tree saw all the fields and plains and houses. It saw many children, as they liked its branches for climbing. The Tree grew wise.

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Aging Backward

Tales of serenity #2

Picture this. You just got an old tired dog. That dog gets more and more energetic as you have it. It gets younger and younger and more and more lively as time goes on. Then instead of dying, well... I'm not sure what would happen. The story of this dog's life is backward. Living backward until finally able to settle down and come back and live the other way. The way it was meant to live. Coming back the same, only wiser and ready for the world of other dogs and animals and humans. That is aging backward. Living eternally.

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Tales of serenity # 1

The little seed fell from his mother and rolled down the long hill towards the little farmhouse at the bottom. It tried to dig, but a bird picked up and carried it far away. It was dropped in a small field, just as a machine came by and shot it into the air. It travelled all the way around the world in this way shooting and flying and blowing from place to place. It finally landed on a warm, comfortable hill. It remembered its travels around the world, and finally came to a stop. The little seed decided to rest.