"New Horizons" drabbles by Isaac Grant

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New Horizons #2

I took a large bite out of my banana, which should of been eaten about a week ago, but it's fine, I guess... It's kinda bluish, it think? I think I am going insane or my vision is at least screwed up. This planet is not the ideal place to live. I think the small mushroom I ate earlier may have made me incapable of moving. My legs are failing. My vision is almost completely blue now. I Don't know how long I will survive! Oh, wait, it's clearing up! I can stand! What an amazing miracle! Stupid blue mushroom.

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Approaching New Horizons

New Horizons #1

Travel is long and tedious, but it will be well worth it. The only way to save the overpopulated human race is to find another planet. That's my job. I've been cruising around in my little space shuttle for about a week now, traveling light-years in seconds. Through Teleportation, of course I just have to find the planet first. The next subject is promising. I can see the green and blue from space. I like to do this part manually. My windshield flames violently until I've breached the atmosphere. I set the ship down slowly and steam streams off.