"Loyalty" drabbles by Isaac Grant

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Loyalty #3

I think I finally understand. I struggle free once more and put a paw on Tom's chest. I whine and lay down in front of the coffin, suddenly losing the urge to do anything. I don't eat for days. The family starts getting worried and they take me to the vet. The doctor says that I have lost my will to live. Maybe that's true. Maybe that's what is wrong with me, but I don't care. I just want Tom back, but that won't happen. The funeral is long and I just sit by the cold coffin the whole time.

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Loyalty #2

I lick his face some more. He doesn't wake up and smile today. What's wrong with my human? Jack pulls me off of Tom.
-"Tom isn't going to wake up, boy." My fur becomes wet with Jack's tears as he buries his face in my coat. I struggle out of Jack's arms and jump onto Tom's chest. I lie down and wait for Tom's eyes to open and smile at me.
-"No, boy! You don't understand! He's dead!" This time, it's Molly, Tom's sister. "He's not coming back!" She crumples to the floor, still holding me and hugging me close.

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Loyalty #1

Do you know when he's coming home?! I prance around the house for a few hours, then settle down. The humans don't want to play and my human, Tom, hasn't been home for a while. I sit at the door, always waiting for the handle to turn. The human, Jack, picks me up and carries me to the car. The car seems more dreary than usual. I think it's because all the humans are wearing black, but everything is black and white to me, so how should I know. We arrive and they take me inside. Oooh! There's my human!