"Legend" drabbles by DevilDeviant

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Legend: The Designation

Legend #3

Upon hearing the risks involved in restoring his daughter's sight, the King demanded the wizard show him the cure. He was willing to do nearly anything to rid his daughter of her unhappiness.

The wizard directed them to bring him beyond the great marsh, which lie directly beyond that castle and acted as its natural moat. There, he said, would be a strip of forgotten land which would be suitable for him to cast the spell. And so the King complied, and for three days the wizard and the King's royal guard and entourage traveled to the wizard's designated location.

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Legend: The Cure

Legend #2

The king sent telegrams across the entire kingdom in search of someone who could cure his daughter's blindness. All the kingdoms in the land could not provide the answer. Finally, on his daughter's 8th birthday, a decrepit wizard appeared before his court, claiming he could cure the princess' blindness.

"What is this cure you speak of, wizard?," the King demanded.
"First, a warning. I'm sharing this cure, is because I am in my last days of life," the Wizard said.
"It is not to be taken lightly, for it is black magic. There is consequence. It could end the world."

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The Legend is True?

Legend #1

It had taken him days to find it, and he had to cross a great marshland to find it. He had only heard rumors of its whereabouts from the townspeople he had asked before setting out upon the journey of discovery, but it was rumored to have moved periodically.

A story he had heard when he was young, twenty years ago. Once there had been a princess of a royal family who had been born blind. The king summoned his apothecaries, wizards, and wise men in search of a cure. They could not find it. He was desperate for answers...