"Fawkes in the road" drabbles by Neville Hunt

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...con flation.

Fawkes in the road #3

...“Hmmmmph! Oh... alright then, 50p, but you’ll have to give me 50p change for this pound.”

“And where do you think a little girl of six like me is going to get 50p for change?”

“I couldn’t possibly imagine! Oh go on then, here’s a quid.”

“Cooo, thanks mister. See you next year. I’ll be seven. It’ll cost you a fiver then!”

The man walked on and the girl followed him.

“You’re not getting any more money from me” he said as she caught up with him. “And why aren’t you looking after your 'Guy'?

“Who said it was mine?”

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Fawkes in the road #2

...“Just answer my question young lady! Did you make that scarecrow?”

“Guy!" she corrected." If I did make it, do I get more pennies, mister?”


“Maybe yes or maybe no?”

“Maybe, maybe!”

“What does maybe, maybe mean mister?

“It means probably.”

“Well I probly did make the Guy then!”

“Are you sure you made him or are you just making that up to get more money?”




“Probably? What kind of answer is that?”

“My best one. Got to be worth a quid mister!”

“You cheeky little miss!”

“You can haggle mister... we can agree on 50p.”...

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Fawkes in the road #1

“Got a penny for the Guy mister?” The child seated on the pavement next to the crudest of scarecrows, holding out an upturned flat hat, was trying to get the attention of the smartly dressed businessman passing her. She succeeded.

“Did you make him yourself?” asked the man.

“What do you think?”

“I think I’m asking you, that’s what I think.”

“Yes but I think you think I didn’t make him!”

“I didn’t say that!”

“Well I think you thought it!”

“Why not just answer my question? Did you make him?”

“You didn’t think I did make him, did you?”...