"Creepy Calls" drabbles by VerityAlways

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Tring Tring

Creepy Calls

'Hello Sir, your delivery is here, could you open the door?'
'No, I haven't ordered anything'
'Sir, this is for Parks Residence and has been paid before. Shall I leave the Pizza's outside?'
'I repeat, I haven't ordered. I refuse to take the delivery.'
A few months later
(The phone rings)
'For Pete's sake, it's 2 am. I haven't ordered, you hear me! Please go away! Get me the d*** number, who is placing these orders.'
Years later
'The rings! Stop the phone! '
'Sir, please stay calm, it's the cutlery clinking.'
Till today, a mere ring rattles. I quiver

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Look Inside

Creepy Calls

Receiver - Hello, Parks Residence.
Caller- Would you be the Parks living on Halloween Avenue 14?
Receiver- Yes. Who’s calling?
Caller- You’re their child, right? Do your parents know you popped in late at night?
Receiver- That’s none of your business. What do you want?
Caller- Can you open the door, dear?
Receiver- Who are you? I’ll---

Caller- I know what you do and what you’ll talk. I can hear everything.

‘Captured in darkness
I’m harmless
Closer to the stairwell
Is my shell
Open the door
Don’t deplore
My sweetness’

Receiver was dialing 911
The call was from the basement line.

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Don't pick up

Creepy Calls

The phone showed a missed call. It left me speechless.
Shouldn’t you be happy when it's from a loved one?

I gush the rest of amber liquid, bereft of possibilities. None condenses and coalesces.
She had left me alone, with no last words.

I quiver as the phone rang again.

It’s her. Was she worried about my whereabouts? Or Did I trouble her?

A frisson of fear; flowing through the veins, I gasped for breath.

My hands shiver as I press- Answer.

It was just a whistle of the wind.


A week ago…
She died. I had buried her.

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The Pranks

Creepy Calls

Bestie- Why did you text my family about the trip? I told you it was a secret.
Me- I didn’t. I know it’s a secret.

Dad- Why do you want so much money? What trouble?
Me- I didn’t text. I don’t need…

Sister- Why did you text me? How do you I’m here, with who and what…
Me- I didn’t. I was in school.

Classmate- Why did you scare me with horrifying images?
Me- I didn’t.

Mom- Again? I told, no more pranks!
Me- No, you confiscated my phone, remember?

Phone was untouched in the drawer

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No Escape!

Creepy Calls

Caller- Hello V…

Receiver- Why are you calling? What do you want?

Caller- Last time you lost a chance, darling. This time is your final stake. Ready?

Receiver- Is that a threat?

Caller- Let’s continue, shall we? The reward is precious. You wouldn’t want to call the police. By the time they are here, someone's clock will stop ticking and boom!

Receiver- Why me? Leave me alone!

Caller- Just answer this.

'Stubborn, impatient colleen
Reckless, blunt is the gene
Confident, courageous is my Queen
Who lives on the Halloween Avenue, 14?'

Still Thinking?
Look in the Mirror.

It went Boom!

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The Private Number

Creepy Calls

While walking, I could feel someone’s eyes on me.
Fearing, I rushed home.

As I entered, the phone rang.

It was a man, father's friend, he mentioned. We exchanged pleasantries. He was warm and friendly. We had a little chat about father, some old memory known only to me. I was shell shocked he knew this. When I quizzed him, he abruptly ended the call asking me to check the dresser.

There was an envelope from my father. Dated a week before his death. Words of strength written for me.

I dialed back. A message relayed, ‘this number doesn’t exist.'

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The Knock

Creepy Calls

Mom- Hi angel, how are you?
Daughter- I’m safe Ma.
Mom- Honey, you alright?
Daughter- Mom, could you let Pa know I’m fine.
Mom- Wish we all could be together again.
Daughter- We will meet soon Ma.
Mom- Where are you?
Daughter- I need to go. But don’t answer the door Ma. You hear me?

The Séance with the daughter (deceased) ended

Whispers and voices neared, windows battled the wind, candles blew out.
Then a knock, turned to heavy pounding.
The door opened wide.

An evil spirit in the shape of my daughter appeared, hungry for my body and soul.