"Convoluted" drabbles by shaun

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When. Convoluted #4

Convoluted #4

Behind their lover's sheet she sobs.
The husband; ashamed. The wife; saddened. Only their young lover seeing clearly.
With a gentle force he lowers the sheet. All three now truly revealed.
His fingers trace her breasts, and with this touch the husband and wife begin to see as he does.
Their eyes see their own flaws, not one another's, and within them a forgotten passion stirs.
The three lovers upon the bed now play out their destiny as the sheet absorbs the sweat of this renewed lust.
From across the room the girl watches. Psyche to her Cupid. Job done.

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Why. Convoluted #3

Convoluted #3

On her lover's bed the sheets are still damp, but her sweat is cold now, like her husband's avoiding eyes.
They had loved. She knew. But then they just...didn't.
They'd become Mum and Dad for the kids, then, over time, sex with 'Dad'? Just...no!
He'd found another. He'd changed. She knew it.
She'd taken another too.
Her naked lover, now no longer hiding, stared at the husband.
The woman peered into both of their eyes.
She knew that look.
Then she knew why her husband had a key to her lover's flat.
He had really changed. Now she knew it.

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Who. Convoluted #2

Convoluted #2

On her lover's bed she brought the guilt-soaked sheet around herself as
the young girl entered the bedroom. The girl's body made the woman despise her own.
44 with a 19 year old lover. She should've known better.
Giving herself whenever he wanted.
But who let the girl in?
A second person entered, dropping his keys, already undressing.
'I want you so bad, Angel'
On the bed, the woman's shame flared. She knew his voice, having once been his Angel.
Shocked, he stared at his wife.
His erection dying along with any vestige of their mutual self worth.

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Where. Convoluted #1

Convoluted #1

The affair had been going on for months. Where they would meet for sex often changed. Sometimes her place, sometimes his.
Each other's partner suspected nothing of the adultery.
Today she took him inside; riding him.
He gripped her waist. His thrusts matched hers.
Base. Animal. They were so into the moment. Then she heard the front door shutting.
Frantically she rolled off him and pushed him out of the bed.
'Get in the wardrobe.'
In a blind panic he complied.
The absurdity of the situation became apparent as he stood there, naked, hiding behind his own coat-hangered shirts.