"Class Adventure" drabbles by Catherine

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He Is Always Funny

Class Adventure #4

"Hanry, you should do this presentation, because it is your turn!" Annie yelled at her partner, Hanry, really mad. They are doing a presentation in class, and Annie did most of the disscusions and presentations before. She asked Hanry to do it this time.
"No! I cannot go!" Hanry answered immediately.
"Why not?" Annie asked, "You cannot always let me do all the things."
"Well, I am funny all the time, so I cannot go."
"Then be serious this time in the presentation."
"Are you kidding me? Have you seen me be serious for once? No, I cannot do that."

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What Is a Dog?

Class Adventure #2

"We are going to do a project about entrepreneurship! We watched 'Shark Tank' before, and we are going to do a project just like 'Shark Tank'." Mrs. Penny was talking to her class. They were going to choose two services from the sheet, and present in front of the class. Mrs. Penny separated them into three groups. Two of them had competition between them, and the other one was the "Shark". The services were dog care, and someone who was in my group asked, "Dog? What do you mean is dog? For instance, hot dog? I really like hot dogs."

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To Be A Housewife

Class Adventure #1

"I wanna be a housewife!" Erica yelled at class, "I don't want to go to the college at all." What was happened? A minute ago, Erica met her friend, Monica, in the classroom. Monica was a senior and Erica was a junior. Monica was working on college choosing these days, and she was doing a college application as Erica walking by. "Eh, I don't want to go to college at all. Colleges are all so terrible, and I would rather stay at home and do nothing." "Be a housewife then." said Monica. "Right! That's a really good idea!" answered Erica.

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Who wants to present?

Class Adventure #3

The one who will do the presentation next is chose by the previous person. "Call Harris!" Anna shouts after Nick does the presentation. "Are you kidding me? Why is me?" Harris is so surprised, "Don't call me! I just gave you a chocolate before the class." Everyone laughs. Nick pickes Charlie, and after Charlie does the presentation, he pickes Oliver. "I will pick you, Harris." Oliver says before the presentation. "Why did you do that? I thought we were good friends. How can you be so bad to me?" "So how many chocolate will you give Oliver?" asked Anna. "None."