"City of Alabaster" drabbles by DevilDeviant

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The Shakedown

City of Alabaster #3

Tal'lek quickened his pace down the sloped, alabaster-paved road, readjusting his heavy knapsack so it didn't hurt his shoulders. Tal'lek looked down at the road and wondered how it remained so white despite many people having walked on it. He couldn't come up with an answer by the time he reached the two guards at the porticullus that facilitated passage into the city.
"Halt. What's your business here?," asked one of the guards.
"My name is Tal'lek, and I'm a traveling merchant that hopes to sell my wares."
"We're going to have to take a look at that bag."

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A Timely Arrival

City of Alabaster #2

Tal'lek finally made it to the forest clearing and saw the spectacular sight, his destination, the city of Vaamir. The city sat at the base of a sloping hill at the forest's edge, and even then, Tal'lek could barely see over its massive, alabaster walls. There were cylindrical towers with conical roofs spaced evenly and intermittently between the walls. He could see the sun glare off the gleaming polished silver armor of the guards on patrol and heard a horn being played off what he presumed was near the back of the city. A siren announcing arrival of a regent.

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Perilous Travel

City of Alabaster #1

Tal'lek had spent three days navigating the ancient forest, hastily moving to and from each designated campsite that had been established by previous navigators hundreds of years ago. The braziers at the sites always remained lit, as the path from Alagorn and his destination, Vaamir was well-traveled. These fires were the saving grace for the traveler who did not want to become a saber cat's meal. The cats knew better than to trifle with anyone who wielded fire; their fur became saturated with oils as they hunted and swam in the swamp lands that were interspersed throughout the forest.