"Black Friday" drabbles by dailycatnips

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Black Friday #5

Of all the days she could’ve died, Death just had to pass up on this day. What an asshole, really.

Rebecca was already dead. And so was Joshua. How could some people have it easy, while she would forever have to struggle through the moral dilemma of shooting herself in the head, or shooting her undead friends in the face.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, she was now also the unwilling companion to a newly widowed man who could barely complete a step without breaking into a sobbing mess.

Good luck surviving the apocalypse, Tara Grace Malady, she sighed.

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Black Friday #4

A seeming moment ago, he had just been telling his wife to let their teenage son take care of his own Black Friday business.

And Alicia only had to huff, “Fine,” with a half smile, and Mikey was off running into the crowd.

The first explosion came almost immediately after that.

The second one knocked them off their feet, breathless and bleeding on the ground.

He had been staring in tearful disbelief into Alicia’s lifeless eyes before his own dark aches consumed him.

And the next time he saw his wife, she had been feasting hungrily on their own son.

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Black Friday #3

She could still taste the turkey in her tongue. She was pretty sure it had been a while since Thanksgiving ended.

Then again, it had also been a while since she’d seen light. So what did she know, really?

Her last memory was of the ensuing Black Friday chaos. The early morning rush to the mall. The sharp, incessant reminders to Mikey not to stray away. Her jesting husband calling her a tyrant—

Then there was the long stretch of darkness—

Gnawing pain—

Numbing hunger—

She barely heard the scream as she growled and took another bite of raw meat.

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Black Friday #2

He'd never had a problem walking. At least, as far as he could remember.

His memory had been slipping away and he felt like he could no longer trust his own instincts. Not when it was taking everything he had to take each slow, laborious stride.

No. He had never had problems walking. It used to be so easy. And now... And now...

He could not even remember what he was doing here. Or how he ended up stuck in the middle of an aimless crowd.

He took another unsteady step, dragging a blood-ridden biker boot along the ground.

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Black Friday #1


It was the last thing she remembered and the first to cross her mind the moment she opened her eyes again.

It was a Friday. At least, it's supposed to be. Who knew how much time had passed since... Since—

She shook her head and pressed a hand on each throbbing temple. There was an unbearable ache in her skull and a gnawing pang in her stomach, but everywhere else felt empty.

And cold.

She groaned, then flinched at the dry and foreign sound.

The entire ground floor echoed with the same dry, cacophonous calls as if on cue.