"A message from my late mate" drabbles by Neville Hunt

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A message from my late mate #2

‘So here’s my grand finale,
I’d love to stay for more... but
The director’s waving in the wings,
No chance of an encore.

I’ve much enjoyed the journey
I’ve travelled far, I brag,
But alas my engine’s at a stop,
I’ve reached my checkered flag.

Remember me in better times,
Those happy days behind.
Have a laugh at my expense,
I promise I won’t mind.

And with your laughter raise a toast,
I beg you please don’t wait.
Start without me, my dear friends,
I suspect I might be late.’

Bye Steve, my old mate... give ‘em hell up there!

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A message from my late mate... 1of 2

A message from my late mate #1

Today was Steve’s funeral. Sad but joyful, celebrating the impact of an unforgettable man. I imagined what he’d have said... and said it for him.

‘Welcome friends, if you’re here right now,
Then I’ve given up the ghost.
I find I’m rather indisposed
Or I’d be a better host.

I’d love to share a tale with you,
Over a glass of wine,
But I find my glass is empty now
That I have crossed the line.

My landlord has just called time,
It seems I have to go.
I thought we’d get a lock-in,
But sadly he said no...’