"Fairytales" drabbles by Lisa Williams

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Cinderella 2/4

Fairytales #1

Ugh! I scowled at my phone, put it on silent and pushed it to the bottom of my bag. My shoe slid off and I lurched forward to get it.

"Allow me!" said a man.
I just giggled at him rather than reply.

Him: Tall. Dark. Suited & very well booted. [Actually. That's just what's in my head. I can't remember what he was wearing at all]

"Can I get you a drink?" he asked as he handed me my shoe.

As I slid my foot in I explained I'd probably had enough already.

"It fits!" he said miming surprise.

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Cinderella 1/4

Fairytales #1

He was Late. Again. I was early.

I'm always early aren't I? I was also annoyed and getting increasingly drunk. I'd gone from self conscious in the busy bar to so relaxed I was slipping off the barstool in under an hour. Another hour and I'd be slipping into unconsciousness. But drinking was something to do. Made me feel less obviously alone in the crush of laughing couples. I pushed my empty glass across the bar and wished I hadn't booked the afternoon off.

Then Late Boy sent me a text.

'Stuck at work. Be there soon as can X.'