"And Now A Word From Our Sponsor" drabbles by Christopher

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Ralph's Swinging Estates

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor #1

Hiya folks, Ralph Libido here, owner/operator of Ralph's Swinging Estates. This 15-story condominium sits on 69 acres of lush, rolling hills, featuring an 18-hole golf intercourse, tennis courts, and an Olympic-sized wading pool. But the daytime activities are nothing compared to what happens here at night! Most of it's too obscene to repeat here, some of it I don't even understand, but all of it's one heckuva good time! Join us!

Take Pubic Avenue to the corner of Anus and Scrotum, five miles past Gonad Lake and you're at... Ralph's Swinging Estates. Putting the condom in condominium!