"Fedeltà" drabbles by Neville Hunt

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Follow Franco

Fedeltà #434

“I’ve had time to think and now I don’t reckon it was Shaun who did Terry in!” Tony announced to Paolo when he turned up on Monday.

It was disconcerting when Tony was at work before him, and this announcement was unexpected and unwelcome. Paolo had been convinced that Tony was satisfied that ‘justice’ had been ‘done good!’

’Shit!’ thought Paolo.

“It was a bit too neat.” continued Tony, “I told Franco to check Shaun out and immediately, he’s rubbed him out! All too keen to get rid of Shaun. Paolo, I want you to follow Franco night and day!”

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Spanner; works

Fedeltà #433

So Paolo’s next week was all planned out. Monday evening with Sofia, Tuesday afternoon with Marcia and Livia returning on Saturday. Even if he wasn’t going to see her on Saturday, she would at least be home and he could make contact and arrange his reward... unless Sofia’s warnings were more than jealous wishes.

Monday seemed ages away, but Tony’s bad tempered demands of him before the weekend kept Paolo busy enough. And on the weekend he met some mates, drank far too much and spent all of Sunday recovering.

But on Monday, Tony threw a spanner in the works.

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Dinner date

Fedeltà #432

“Why don’t I come round Monday evening and prepare you something to remember?” suggested Sofia. “That way I get you at your freshest... and your Tuesday date will have to work you a bit harder!” She giggled, risking putting Paolo off completely. But he jumped at the idea.

“Yeah... that’s great, nothing like a good meal to get in the mood. What shall I get in for you?” he asked eagerly, not realising his innocent innuendo.

“Don’t worry now Paolo. I’m sure you’ll be able to get something in on Monday!” Sofia’s giggles had Paolo confused.

Then she hung up.

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Worry bricks

Fedeltà #431

With Paolo on his back foot, Sofia wasn’t about to let him off the hook.

“I’ve just realised that it can’t be Livia you’re seeing on Tuesday because I’m pretty sure she’s not due back until the weekend after, is she? So who is it Paolo? It had better not be my sister for your sake. Tony may not want her himself, but he sure as hell won’t want anyone else near her!”

Paolo’s silence at the end of the line said lots.

“Oh Paolo... silly boy! You’d really better watch your step!”

Now he was worried - really shitting bricks!

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Fedeltà #430

Paolo’s response to Sofia at the end of the line was a grunt.... seemingly an affirmation of his unavailability on Tuesday, but then he said “No, Tuesday’s OK. Shall we say 8pm at my place?”

“Now hang on Paolo!” retorted Sofia. “I know you have a hot date on Tuesday.” But then she paused and added. “Mmmm, that means you’re probably in for some ‘afternoon delight’! But hey, I don’t want you shagged out later with me. I don’t want second fiddle. I don’t want to have to fiddle with anything!” Sofia laughed, to Paolo’s acute embarrassment.

He’d been rumbled.

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Otherwise engaged

Fedeltà #429

Driven by his rational and carnal instincts, Paolo called Sofia late afternoon after he had busied himself doing Tony’s bidding all day.

“Hi” Sofia answered rather warily on hearing Paolo’s voice. She wasn’t expecting to hear from him quite so soon after their earlier call.

“Are you about tonight or tomorrow or over the weekend?” he asked.

“Wow, Paolo, you’re keen! But ‘fraid I can’t. Babysitting duties over at Marcia’s. I promised.” Sofia wanted time distance before seeing Paolo again. She needed to assess the situation. “Maybe next Tuesday?” she suggested, then added, cheekily, “but aren’t you otherwise engaged then?”

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Fedeltà #428

Paolo liked, but feared danger. Sofia’s sexuality and edginess was an intoxicating combination. Whilst still desperately infatuated with Livia and the idea of Livia, he found Sofia’s brand of drug really exciting. He was desperate for more sexual exploits with her, but also fearful of her association with Tony and the possibility that now she had taken Paolo for £200,000, and with nothing to lose, she might doublecross him and prompt Tony’s revenge.

‘Keep your enemies closer’ maybe, he thought. He needed to see Sofia very soon to have ‘one foot in the stirrup’... and something else in something else.

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Fedeltà - the story so far - part 5

Fedeltà catch-up #5

With his share reduced to £200,000, Paolo is challenged by Sofia, who seduced him and is suspicious about his relationship with Livia. Sofia discovers that Paolo extorted £400,000 from her other lover, Tony, (Paolo’s scary boss) and demands to split it 50:50 with Paolo. Her leverage is that she’s discovered frozen fingers, Terry’s fingers, in Paolo’s freezer and she’s secretly taken photographs of them next to sleeping Paolo and lodged them with her solicitor... clever girl.

Paolo won’t implicate Livia and acquiesces to Sofia’s demands. He’s left with nothing but carnal hope for Livia’s return....

...which will be very soon...

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Fedeltà - the story so far - part 4

Fedeltà catch-up #4

Under Livia’s spell, Paolo agrees to ‘kidnap’ Terry and extort money from Tony for his twin’s safe return. In reality Paolo kills Terry, cuts off his fingers, uses them for extortion, dumping the body in a Fenland river. All the time Paolo is the most trusted aide that Tony has, but always keeps a few steps ahead of Tony, manipulating the older boss man through the latter’s fraternal guilt.

Meanwhile Livia takes a three-week cruise to the Caribbean to provide her a perfect alibi. Paolo succeeds in extorting £400,000 in Bitcoin currency, but Livia, from afar, demands her share.

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Fedeltà - the story so far - part 3

Fedeltà catch-up #3

The unholy trio combine. To suffer, Tony will first lose his beloved brother Terry, then be killed himself. Livia, who herself has been beaten up very badly by Tony previously, will arrange things.

Arranging things involves Paolo, Tony’s trusty henchman, a ruthless, handsome late-twenties young man. The stunningly pretty Livia casts a sexual spell on Paolo, but delays his carnal prize until he has done her bidding. She has no interest in him, but can use him. Separately and individually, the other two women seduce Paolo, who gets rather a lot of sex along the way... except with Livia.

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Fedeltà - the story so far - part 2

Fedeltà catch-up #2

Tony has problems regarding his twin Terry. The ‘twin thing’ - loyalty bond - two ‘identical’ beings from a single egg - affects Tony’s judgment. But when the stunningly beautiful Livia, Terry’s treacherous wife, tricks Tony into sleeping with her, the trouble starts.

Tony has already tired of his own beautiful wife Marcia and beats her up before impregnating her. Marcia rebuilds her friendship with younger sister Sofia, who stays over a lot and sets her sights on Tony, with whom she starts late night relations.

The three woman don’t like each other, but like Tony even less.

Tony must suffer and die.

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Fedeltà - the story so far - part 1

Fedeltà catch-up #1

Identical twins Tony and Terry run an East End mafia-style operation in London. Tony rules, violently, but three women with enormous bollocks get to run rings around him and any other guys they choose. Tony expects total loyalty (fedelta), but is it what he gets?

We start at Terry’s funeral... a hell of a funeral. Someone has bumped him off, but what’s inside the coffin isn’t Terry, but high explosive destined to send Tony down to hell too. But Tony’s instinct delays that trip and he’s tripped off to hospital instead.

He must rely on his trusty henchman Paolo.

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A softer side

Fedeltà #427

Sofia was pleased to see that Paolo was true to his word and had transferred the £200,000 in Bitcoins to her. She was relieved because she certainly didn’t want her bluff called because that could have other repercussions. Business being business aside, she liked Paolo and genuinely wanted to help him, and help herself to more of him as things developed.

Sofia was an interesting mix of competitiveness, with sister Marcia of course, who would always have the age advantage over her and with Livia, whose looks made even beautiful women look plain, and compassion, which both other women lacked.

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Fedeltà #426

The thought that Livia might be with anyone else but him was agony to Paolo. His passion for her was self-fuelling, despite Sofia’s warnings about Livia’s motives and likely actions. Nonetheless, he would have to heed Tony’s warning and bide his time.

In the meantime though, he could console himself that he’d already been intimate with Tony’s own wife and planned to do so again very soon. And the added consolation was Sofia, who was very exciting... and now that he’d transferred her blackmail money, he expected her help to destroy Tony.

But neither of the sisters was Livia!

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Warning off

Fedeltà #425

Paolo must have shown his feelings a bit to Tony, who was quick to chide.

“Now don’t you go getting any ideas about Livia. She doesn’t need any toy boy right now. She’s grieving and I expected more of you Paolo than pulling a face like a slapped arse! If I get any inkling you’ve been sniffing around Livia you’ll regret it, even if you have been a good friend to me recently!”

Tony’s warning off came as quite a shock to Paolo, who immediately resolved that Tony would get what was coming to him very soon and very finally.

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Green-eyed for green-eyes

Fedeltà #424

With the knock-back about not being able to meet Livia from the cruise in Southampton, Paolo started to get jealous - not an emotion to which he was normally prone. He was suspicious of Tony. He started wondering if something might be going on between Tony and his sister-in-law. Livia was Paolo’s now he had rid her of her husband, but since she had been away from him for what seemed like such a long time, the distance between them seemed to have increased. She was more of a dream than a reality. And that bothered Paolo greatly.

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Disappointment #1

Fedeltà #423

Paolo heard Tony making arrangements to collect Livia from Southampton when her ship returned.

“I can go to Southampton to collect her for you,” offered Paolo., “saves you time and trouble.”

“Ain’t no trouble,” insisted Tony, “and besides, it’s me she wants to collect her. We’re both grieving.”

“But...” started Paolo.

“No buts Paolo... you just get on with the work. Livia needs me, poor woman.”

This was the first Livia disappointment for Paolo. He took it as a snub and it pissed him off not to be wanted. It would have been an ideal opportunity to talk to her.

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Fedeltà #422

Paolo decided not to probe any doubts Tony might entertain about Shaun not being Terry's killer. Paolo didn’t want to fuel any further discussions. So he asked Tony what he should get on with.

Tony gave him a list of tasks and of people to call. Some things had gone ‘on hold’ while Terry’s kidnapping and ransom demand was distracting Tony. Paolo put his head down and got on with sorting them out. Late morning he heard Tony talking on his phone to what was obviously Livia. Tony was trying to comfort her.

Paolo longed to speak to her too.

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The wrong man

Fedeltà #421

“Shaun’s dead?” asked Paolo, slightly shocked at the speed of his colleague’s despatch.

“Apparently,” admitted Tony, “papers are full of it! Says he ate something didn’t agree with him. Choked. Me too!”

Tony threw Paolo a couple of morning newspapers.

“No money?” asked Paolo to emphasise his ignorance.

“Not yet.” That was almost all that was said. Paolo didn’t press for more information. He didn’t need to. If Shaun had been taken out, then Paolo was completely above suspicion. Almost.

Tony’s next throwaway line gave Paolo cause for concern though.

“I’m wonderin’ though if maybe someone got the wrong man.”

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Fedeltà #420

Arriving at Tony’s office, Paolo had no idea what state his boss might be in. Everything had happened so quickly and recently that he expected that Tony might be devastated, anguished, wringing hands, unable to get over the savage loss of his brother and his money. However, Tony appeared to be back to his old self... grumpy, decisive, businesslike. The only concession to the recent happenings was delivered very matter-of-factly.

“The good news is the bastard Shaun’s gawn, but the bad news is so’s my fucking money!”

“Gawn?” repeated Paolo quizzically, “Gone where?”

“In his case, to Hell!”