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Paula had him from a kitten. His once luxurious coat was matted and shed hair as he limped by. He’d lost the leg while he was sat in the road washing.

Because of a kidney problem he could only eat expensive food from the vets. It was measured out twice daily. After his second 25g meal he sat meowing by the window until Paula opened it to let him out.

Outside he ate the remains of a KFC Bargain Bucket from the bin, drank from a brackish puddle while Paula watched, thinking it was probably time for a new cat.

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    Neville Hunt 3 months ago

    Mr Tibbles is a naughty boy.... and not at all discerning! I have eaten KFC just the once, in Headingly, Leeds while visiting my son at University. Never again. I couldn’t finish it so maybe there are lots of others leaving unfinished greasy chicken for feral moggies. On the other hand, a brackish puddle sounds pretty tasty!

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    Lisa Williams 3 months ago

    I too have only tried KFC once and felt that was enough! Thanks as ever for taking the time to read and comment xx

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