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Two platforms lured them away, promising an escape from the crush of bodies on the Northern Line down just sixty six steps. Phones had stopped working so no one knew the first explosion had been reported at Euston.
They’d felt it as it rocked the station, six panic attacks started Northbound, Southbound someone started to scream. Later the smell of charred flesh would creep down the tunnel.
Some had jumped. The precipice of the platform edge providing temporary relief then a respite on the train tracks until the eight twenty arrived on time for the first time in a week.

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    Jeff Taylor 3 months ago

    Too many tragedies on the underground 😢 I remember my mum freaking out when I started working in the City (Banking zone in London) The IRA were still active at the time during the mid nineties.

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    Neville Hunt 3 months ago

    I worked at Mornington Crescent at the top of the old cigarette factory and so I know that station very well, but by the time of this story I guess I would have moved to St James’s, where on one journey home I missed the IRA explosion in the red letter box near Piccadilly Circus station that I had walked past 5 minutes earlier. And then the Kings Cross station fire in which I missed being burnt alive by 40 seconds. Phew! I’ve really lived on the edge!

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    Lisa Williams 3 months ago

    Thanks for reading and commenting both. Stay safe and well xx

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