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My bag got stolen, snatched last night as I got off the bus but that’s not the moment of change in today’s story. Obviously it’s a pain, stopping cards, the loss of the money- my tips were in there. And my make up bag, this is the biggie.
Right now, I’m on the bus without a mask of foundation, eyes undefined with liner, squirming with embarrassment not wanting anyone to look.
The juddering window exposes my naked face and I see me. I see me like it’s for the first time and I realise it’s OK. This is my face.

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    Neville Hunt 4 months ago

    Oh dear Lisa... a true story. You must have been mortified... although maybe you’d got used to a different you... and what you saw in the window reflection clearly wasn’t t a match. But I guess also that nobody else on the bus was shocked... if they noticed you, they simply saw you!🥴

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    Lisa Williams 4 months ago

    Thanks Nev but it's not true! I thought I'd set it for General fiction!?! I need to slow down & be a bit more observant xxx

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