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Reuben had been working on his project since March. He was about to prove that Father Christmas was a hoax. It was the big night, Christmas Eve, all quiet in the house except a little mouse stirring his midnight cup of tea.

Reuben had fallen asleep but the Spy Cam was set up and trained on the Fireplace, where a pair of boots appeared and then the man himself.

With a brisk efficiency Santa drained the sherry glass, enjoyed the mince pie, stashed presents in stockings, straightened a picture, deleted the evidence off the camera and returned up the chimney.

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    Neville Hunt 5 months ago

    Good old Santa! Keep ‘em guessing!

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    Frenchie 5 months ago

    I knew Santa wasn't a hoax! Thank you. I also love the imagery of the little mouse stirring his midnight cuppa. Now, I always have a second read and while I was re-reading, I had the Mission Impossible theme in my head...

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    Jeff Taylor 5 months ago

    Love it! 😁 I also hope that was something like a camomile tea for the mouse. Caffeine late at night is not good. Even for late-night mousies. 😉

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    Lisa Williams 4 months ago

    thanks for lovely comments all xx

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