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It wasn’t just his horrific crimes. It was how prolific he was. The police were baffled. The same piercing blue eyes stared out from photofits on investigation boards all around the country.
It was in Burnley that a newly qualified DS noticed the latest victim’s Tiffany necklace. The first victim had one too. It was a huge breakthrough.
At the jewellers they discovered the same necklace had been sent to every victim. They had him. The invoice address led them to a contact lens warehouse where they found yet another necklace but with a note:
For you, DS Tunstall xx

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    Neville Hunt 6 months ago

    Ooh! scary! Was it a normal necklace or a choker?

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    Lisa Williams 6 months ago

    HA! very good xx

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    Frenchie 6 months ago

    Finally, I got the joke, Neville. Lisa, nice, chilling drabble. I loved it.

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    Lisa Williams 5 months ago

    Thanks Frenchie xx

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