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I’ve got a three year old, it makes me not question anything... like yesterday I went into the bathroom and they’ve hacked their own hair off then glued it to the toilet seat next to our pet tortoise, Rex.
Anyway, I started trying to pick the hair off and predictably Rex slipped in. Toddler then runs over and pulls the flush. And Rex has gone, like completely GONE. I know I should’ve taken Rex off first, but I don’t like touching Rex. Didn’t like touching Rex. The hairy glue won’t come of the toilet seat either. Fuck my actual life.

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    Neville Hunt 7 months ago

    Seems like you weren’t too fond of Rex, so maybe the three year old did you a good turn. Or maybe Rex is a good swimmer.

    With an almost 3 year old granddaughter in the next village I understand...

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