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She jolted to a halt halfway down the aisle. Smiling faces looked on worried. Her sister sent what she hoped was a sympathetic look from a flower festooned pew.

The best man approached.

“Y’alright Rach?”

“Erm.” She turned, about to say that her train was caught on something and could he go to unhook it.

“C’mon. It didn’t mean anything. It was only one night…he’s not going to see her again” He’d whispered it so her Dad couldn’t hear.

At that bombshell the butterflies she’d felt flew off and she turned to release her own dress and left the church.

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    Neville Hunt 7 months ago

    A lucky escape indeed! If you don’t mean to go on like that, don’t start. Brava!

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    Lisa Williams 7 months ago

    Exactly! Thanks for reading & commenting X

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