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Geoff always woke promptly without an alarm clock and immediately mourned for the one he married. He rose and she stared up at him. Smiling. Not a care in the world. From their wedding photo, taken exactly forty years ago to the day.

He washed, dressed. Thinking that they could be celebrating today. A big family party in a balloon filled hall.



After a lifetime of shared bliss.

He sighed and took her up a cup of tea in bed. Hoping today would be a reasonable day for her. And that she’d at least recognise who he was.

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    Neville Hunt almost 6 years ago

    Oh that's savage!...but very true for so many. Forty years doesn't seem so many to me.

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    Lisa Williams almost 6 years ago

    Yes- true for so, so many X

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    Lisa Williams almost 6 years ago

    Thanks Drew X

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