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Fairytales #11


With two accounts deleted @Big-Billy joined the debate.

He was a countryside campaigner.
Was a verified account with a blue tick to his name.
His following was massive.

He tweeted and @WhiteEye was instantly on the attack. He threatened him. His family. Big Billy didn’t respond with words. He simply screen shot the offending tweets. Retweeted too, just so a record was there and to expose the slimy troll.

Then the newspapers took up the story and @WhiteEye was tracked to a Brighton Semi with a range of aliases to his name, arrested and is currently still awaiting trial.

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    Lisa Williams almost 6 years ago

    Yes- shame only fiction! Glad you liked X

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    Neville Hunt over 5 years ago

    This quartet is really powerful, and very scary. Glad I rarely tweet; I'll keep it that way I think. Terrific stuff, Lisa?

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