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I don’t sit down to write. You know, in that devoted space they advise ‘for writing’. An early night does it. They fill my head then, or when reading. A word, entices one over and off I drift.

But they come like a torrent hot on the tail of the last one when I’m walking.
Far from home, without paper, pen or phone.
Then. They never leave me alone.

Eyeliner on envelopes.
Routes redirected to buy stationery.
Begging in shops for a scrap and a loan of a pen.

Because while my imagination is fine, my memory is somewhat lacking.

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    Neville Hunt about 3 years ago

    So right...that's exactly what it's like for me too. The writing part is as and when...but the when is whenever I can after I've drifted off or woken up with an idea..hoping it's the same one. And those ideas come at rather inconvenient times. The voice memos on iPad are quite good for capturing them when I'm out and about. Very interesting read, Lisa, which struck a chord with me.

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    Lisa Williams about 3 years ago

    Thanks Nev. I do usually have a pad and scrawl key words down as they arrive- I waste a lot of time trying decipher them though X

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    Drew Martyn about 3 years ago

    Excellent Lisa. Most of my ideas come when walking - but as soon as get to my destination I invariably forget.

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    Lisa Williams about 3 years ago

    Thanks Drew- I wonder how many great works have been lost in this way X

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    Roger Noons almost 3 years ago

    More or less sums up me as well. My best intentions are never to be without the means ... but best intentions, well ...

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    Lisa Williams almost 3 years ago

    Yes Roger! Best intentions indeed... X

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