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Fairytales #7


Despite her help on school committees Snezana’s step mother, Catherine was a vain, cruel woman. If the story was set thirty years later she’d be addicted to posting selfies online. For now though she compares herself to her step daughter but doesn’t come out favourably.

She tried the F plan diet and attempted to lose a little weight. Then took a trip to the chemist and tried a darker hair shade. Trying to emulate the luscious raven haired locks of Snezana. At the make up counters she tirelessly hunted for scarlet lipsticks so she could have Snezana's blood red lips.

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    Neville Hunt about 5 years ago

    Think I've seen her in the Galleria way back.

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    Lisa Williams about 5 years ago

    Ha (after I'd googled!) X

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