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Fairytales #5


It was the same today. She lifted the letterbox and whispered through. A whisper they could probably hear in space.

"Mr Prince!"

My heart sank and I put the tea down glancing at the start of Dr Who before moving towards the door.

"It's only me!"

I opened the door with a smile. She did look sorry, like she was regretting having to disturb me. There was a sense of relief though as she walked down my hall into the back garden. I watched her, I could leave her to it, settle down and finish watching Pertwee leave Dr Who.

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    Neville Hunt about 5 years ago

    You've obviously done your research on this, Lisa!

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    Lisa Williams about 5 years ago

    Pertwee- Yes- but was for A Dr Who story- am a big fan of notebooks for ideas for later X

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