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In the Basement #9


A maze of rooms running under the school. Until finally. The tang of disinfectant got stronger. Stale. Metallic. Bile rose as he moved through to the next door. The room he’d kept them in.

Chilled air gasped out as he opened it.

Bare brick. And soundproof. So near to their friends that had been crying, hoping for their safe return.

The press had gone wild with the story - Outstanding ofsted with a fucking serial killer on the staff. At least now it was almost over, just needed the bastard to regain consciousness to reveal where he'd hidden all the bodies.

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    Neville Hunt over 6 years ago

    This is an incredibly powerful series, Lisa. It's very grisly, but, and it's a frightening but, one might imagine it happening. Where you discuss the games played by the girls, that kind of rings true too. I'm reminded of the evil man at the school in Soham, Cambs. Great stuff. You truly are an excellent drabbler, Lisa.... and so productive!

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    Lisa Williams over 6 years ago

    Bit of a thing for the darker sides of life. Thank you as ever for your comments- they spur me on X

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