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I choose an empty table, next to a shelf marked Romance, a man shuffles past me and winks. It’s my first time writing in the library, I’m really hoping the two aren’t linked.

Winking man stares at me from the bottom of the aisle. A lady joins me, sits diagonally across. I’m mesmerized by her long nails tapping repetitively on her phone and only notice winking man again as he eagerly pulls up the seat in front of me.

Eyes wide.

My page seems to get blanker the more I stare but I know I can feel a story forming.

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    Tim Jones over 4 years ago

    Cliffhanger! I hope you do a part two!

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    Neville Hunt over 4 years ago

    That bloke sounds to me like a right winker! Look down at his flies, that usually freaks blokes out! ...unless they're open that is! I love the fingernails tapping the phone.

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    Lisa Williams over 4 years ago

    I left quite shortly after Tim. Not sure how people work in there. X

    Nev- NOOOO! Fingernails on phone IN THE LIBRARY is exactly the sort of noise that'll send me to prison one day. X

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