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Mission Control fell silent.
"Initiate launch sequence, Apollo. Fire primary boosters."
"Roger to that, Houston. Initiating launch sequence. Firing primary boosters."
"Primary boosters 100%, fire secondary boosters, Apollo"
"Firing secondary boosters."
"Secondary boosters 100%, Fire main engines."
"Firing main engines."
"Main engines at 86%."
"86%? Abort launch, Houston? Can you confirm?"
"Negative, Apollo. Await launch confirmation. Main engines 91%... 96%... 100%. You are 'go' for launch. I repeat, you are 'go' for launch."
"Dinner's ready!"
"Abort launch! Abort launch!"
James and Anthony tore downstairs.
When you are 9-years-old, launching a space rocket from your bedroom is hungry work.

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    Horrorshow almost 4 years ago

    Good one, Bryan :-)

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    Brandon Sutton almost 4 years ago

    This drabble wasn't shocking or hilarious (at least not to me), but it made me feel good after I read it, so I like it. Very nicely done!

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    Michael Cook almost 4 years ago

    Not just for the 9 year olds either!

  • avatar

    Bryan Thomas almost 4 years ago

    Thanks, folks!

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