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A Patchwork Tale


Clockmaker was lying about who she was. She had to, a clock-making sorceress wasn’t worthy of the Elfin court. And she needed that introduction to gain passage on the Ship.

If she failed, her family would be lost forever.

A mean-spirited client complained their time-traveling clock was faulty. In a temper they cursed Clockmaker’s family into the mists.

The last she saw of her father was leaning out a tower window — “Find the Old Man and you’ll solve the curse. Now hurry!”

The girl’s head drooped. “But how?” He’s on Mars…! No matter, I’ll find him.”

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    D.M. about 8 years ago

    She won't fail! (Will she?)

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    Neil Murton about 8 years ago

    I love how these add more complications every time. Keep them coming!

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    Sara Light-Waller about 8 years ago

    *Blush* Thanks!! And will she fail...well, I'm not saying, not yet anyway. ;-)

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