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A Patchwork Tale


“We sail tomorrow,” said the Elfin-shipwright, who was also the captain. “Is it wise to start a journey with such a long face? If you’re unhappy later, where will your face go?”

Fairies were so literal.

Clockmaker forced herself to smile. “Is this better?”

“Oh my, yes! I’ve never known a good voyage to start with a downcast expression.”

The Elfin-knight, resplendent in his golden waistcoat, bid Clockmaker farewell. “My mount was wrong about you, girl, and he is never wrong.”

Clockmaker looked away, knowing full well that the steed was right. She was not to be trusted.

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    D.M. about 8 years ago

    More! more!

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    Sara Light-Waller about 8 years ago

    More is coming, for sure! I've been illustrating this story on my blog so there's been a bit of a delay with the posts here. I wish I could post the pictures here too, but there's no way to do it. For anyone who'd like to see them my blog is saralightwaller

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    Rodindeadpan about 8 years ago

    I'm still enthralled.

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