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A Patchwork Tale


The Elfin-Knoll was neither cave nor barrow but a grand hall whose guardians were twin cypress trees with long, green flails.

“That’s a splendid waistcoat,” said Lash, the right-hand tree. He was the greedy one.

“The Mer-folk will take it,” said Thrash, the left-hand tree. He was the smart one. “They love shiny things.”

“It’s my gift to the Mer-Princess.” said the knight.

“With you inside it? What a fine gift you'll make!” Thrash laughed.

“Let us in now, we’re here to see the king.”

The trees bent backwards and a doorway appeared between them.

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    D.M. over 8 years ago

    Interesting trees! I look forward to reading what happens behind the doorway.

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