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The woman in this article talks about her rare sight condition that causes visual snow. Sparkling dots that flood her vision, all the time, and the flashes and floaters she sees daily.
And just like that, it clicks. I see myself, in her words, the exact same things that flood my vision. And it makes sense, more than anything Moorfields have ever said. And I become more certain that I have this. Sure, Moorfields did give me a diagnosis, all signed and assured. But they've done this to me before, and changed their minds. I think this is visual snow.

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    Christopher 5 months ago

    That sounds terrible. Sorry you have to deal with that, and especially to not even get a definitive answer about what it is.

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    VerityAlways 5 months ago

    Fell sorry for your condition. Cant imagine how difficult it must be for you, Sarah.

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    Sarah Oakes 5 months ago

    It is hard sometimes, but making the best of it. To be honest, I don't think there's ever going to be a truly definitive answer. But this makes more sense than the macular dystrophy diagnosis, all the symptoms match up, even the weird kaleidoscopic patterns I saw in my vision growing up. I could get it diagnosed, but that would probably take another five years.

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    VerityAlways 4 months ago

    Sarah, know you're an inspiration and I'm happy you've found the answer. Take care

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