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People say there are no more gods. But I disagree.
Perhaps the old gods are gone, the Norse warriors and Greek heroes. But there are some gods that remain. The composers, who cannot be anything else.
They breathe life into notes, creating wonders and making magic. They capture hearts, cocoon them in song, to heal and inspire and make them whole. They take your hand, and transport you to places where anything is possible. And they do it with love, with kindness, with humility,
with grace.
I sit here, enthralled, glad to be in the presence of a kindly god.

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    Neville Hunt over 2 years ago

    Agreed... there is something quite ‘other worldly’ about many of the composers. What kinds of divine inspiration can create sound combinations so sublime as the greats? And what other unknown gods have created works of wonder that have remained hidden from us mere mortals? And how many of the great composing gods have had their own crosses to bear? I know the composer gods I worship, but wonder what godly delights I might never get to know.

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    Sarah Oakes over 2 years ago

    I went to this concert on Tuesday, a live performance by Hans Zimmer, and it felt like this, it was just wonderful, an incredible experience.

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