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Riding my bicycle thru a beautiful Boston summer day. After work.
Singing along to Kylesa blasting thru my buds.

Weaving my way safely thru perilous Court Street traffic.

Where I do declare
I do spy
with my little eye

a black Mercedes SUV in front of me. Windows rolled down.
Stopped at a redlight, one arm deftly darting out the window, flicking a still lit cigarette onto the asphalt.

I leaned over on my bike, plucked the smoldering fag, deftly flicked it back inside the black Mercedes SUV.

And wove my way hastily thru perilous Court Street traffic, switching gears.

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    shaun over 7 years ago

    Thank you for this wonderful moment of _unchallenged_ clarity.

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    S J Gunn about 7 years ago

    Wish I could have seen it!

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    CJay about 7 years ago

    Serves the guy in the Mercedes right!

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    Tim Jones almost 7 years ago


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