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Toasty Ghosty #2


I slow my sprint as light surrounds me, faintly illuminating a fourth of the room. As I make my way forward, I hear a moan coming from a spot near the light. A small mass of mangled flesh and bones meets my gaze as I turn. I emit a strangled noise as I cover my mouth and walk backwards. I'm stopped when my back meets something large, and human.

I whirl around to face the knife-wielding man, my breath hitching. Again, I step backwards. But this time, the floor doesn’t agree with my decision, and I fall right through.

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    Jim M about 6 years ago

    "floor doesn’t agree with my decision"- brilliant! Where do you get these great lines from? Can I have some? Really enjoyed the bold steps you've taken in this part and the deepening mystery is maddening. Thank you for sharing this

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    Rose Markle about 6 years ago

    Thank you both for the comments, I really appreciate them!

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    D.M. about 6 years ago

    Please continue!

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