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In Night's somber decay
Black holes open wide
Engulfing melted images
Eating time minute by minute
In burning pools of happiness
And pain for found confusion
Of mind's lost reality
Eternal time passing quickly
Leaving us only a residue
Of the marrow that which
Hides inside behind walls
Stealing truth
But seeing through tales
With hopes of an understanding
And in your eyes dance the lies
In visions that hunger for
Intense resurrection of minds
Joined in joyous copulation
Burning with passion
As a new world
Clashes with the past
Waiting to die in the Sun
In calm anxiety

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    D.M. over 4 years ago

    The word "marrow" works so well here. Not sure you even need residue.

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    Rodindeadpan over 4 years ago

    I lived deep and sucked out all the marrow leaving only a residue... or something like that. Thanks D.M. for reading and commenting.

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    Norman Bates over 4 years ago

    Very sexual...I think or is that just me?

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    Drew Martyn over 4 years ago

    "intense ressurection of minds" is a line and idea that will stay with me. This should be drabble of the week imho, this works on many different levels. Well worth reading over and over again.

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