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I'm calling the landlord immediately. Do they think they can crawl right off the street and creep into my apartment building? Filthy. This is an old but very clean building, and we have never had any kind of pests like these. It starts with just one or two and before you know it they're everywhere. Disgusting, dirty, vile vermin. Nuisances. I had to step over one in the hallway and I nearly gagged. The entire building must be fumigated and sanitized. This is 1966 Haight-Ashbury, I swear I'll put a stop to these damn Hippies moving into my neighborhood.

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    Rodindeadpan over 8 years ago

    This offends the Hippie in me. I'm taking my vote back.

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    Horrorshow over 8 years ago

    LOL! Damn hippies! ;-)

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    Brandon Sutton over 8 years ago

    This is a hilarious drabble! Nice work!

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    Bryan Thomas over 8 years ago

    Aww, hippies are cool, man.

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    Jonathan Mills over 8 years ago

    I think they turned that in to an episode of South Park

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