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It was meant to be a quick job: straight in and out. Town was a 15 mile round trip, but I should be able to get home before sundown.

I got waylaid at the supermarket. There were loads of tins in the stockroom and I spent ages sorting through them.

When I’d finished it was later than I thought; the sun was low in the sky and soon the munchers ...

I somehow managed to get my stash on board and turned the key.
I could hear groaning in the distance.

Fuck it.

This mobility scooter only does 4 mph.

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    Christopher almost 2 years ago

    Nice comeback, Robbie. This place is becoming more and more of a ghost town, so it's nice to see someone back after 2 years.

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    Jeff Taylor almost 2 years ago

    4MPH should be more than quick enough😉

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    Drew Martyn almost 2 years ago

    Yes, great to see you back mate, and with a drabble that left me feeling that I'm never going to the supermarket again... :)

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    shaun over 1 year ago

    Another returner, like myself. Hi Robbie. I enjoyed spending multiple readings of this until posting. I always snigger at 'munchers' for some reason. Please keep 'em coming.

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