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Two witches were discussing the latest job application list that had arrived by King Crow.
‘It says here that only those with broomsticks need apply.’
‘But Chellin, we all fly sticks!’
‘Do we Jazeen?’
‘Of course we do! This is a plum job with the Queen Witch of Euranopia. We all want to apply.’
‘But where are your broomsticks Jazeen? You need to have one to fly one.’
Jazeen searched the wooden racks. There were no brooms.
‘Where are they?’
‘I destroyed them, thus destroying your dreams.’
‘Why Chellin?’
‘Read the last paragraph!’
‘Only the most evil witches need apply.’

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    Neville Hunt over 5 years ago

    I like this. It really appeals to me, particularly the final line because it wraps the drabble up really well.

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