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The higher they climb . . . what rubbish I thought.

Sitting here for hours on end and still meaningful words fail to flow across this never ending screen of grey. But I can do this, even though I hate that white coat.

I need to explore the depths of my mind and just type - type - type.

‘Ok Mr Haynes, please remove the sensors from your chest. The results will take a little while but this experiment is now over. It is clear that your brain is unable to function effectively after twenty four hours. Thank you for your cooperation.’

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    Bryan Thomas almost 6 years ago

    Nice one, Rick!

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    Horrorshow almost 6 years ago

    Nicely written, Rick.

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    Rick Haynes almost 6 years ago

    Thanks people. After hours and hours of writing that I pressuriesd myself to complete, I thought about this Drabble. I thought it summed my feelings up.

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