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Richard stands upon Mount Kailash.
God amongst mortals.
Barks commands to the winds.
Blessed with immodest genes.
Unrivaled zest for life.
Bellowing his sins.
Scattering unbound to the four corners of the world.
He's outlived his kin, his foes, his scribes.
There's no one left to tell of his deeds.
He pisses into the clouds.
A snow blizzard gathering somewhere in the heavens above.
With one hand, he grasps his testicles, his other his cockhead.
Then bids adieu.
With one step.
Both hands raised in a one finger salute.
He plunges unfettered to the depths below.
No prayer to Himself.

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    Richard Charles Davidson over 4 years ago

    Thanks Sir Drew. I've fixed the first line and of course that freed up one word so that led to some rare editing.

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